Saturday, July 10, 2010


OK 2010 is half over and I am yet to post the blog...not a great start to the year!

The big news for me in my wargaming is that I am trying a few new things. First up, I am trying out a new era - WW2. I am have acquired a copy of the Crossfire rules which is a great game. I love the way it represents the momentum of the modern battle. No fixed turns, no measuring. All very interesting. I am currently putting together a WW2 German paratroop company,a dn close to follow will be some British motorised infantry.

The second big change for me is a move to 6mm. The WW2 armies I am doing are in 6mm, and I have a Marian Roman DBA army in progress in 6mm too. I am loving 6mm because of the ease of paitning and the portability of the terrain for the WW2 stuff.

Is DBA dead for me? No not by a long shot, just stretching my legs a little.

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  1. 6mm is a great scale for DBA. One of my friends has based his 6mm figures on 60mm wide bases. Using these figures with the 15mm ground scale really produced an excellent game. Perhaps the best DBA game I've played.

    Then of course I'm a big propent of 6mm for Horse & Musket, WWII and Modern gaming.