Friday, July 30, 2010

A little bit of Middle Earth finds it's way onto my desk

Ok - first up I will admit I am a Tolkien tragic. It was therefore only a matter of time before I tried to paint some HoTT armies based on the Middle Earth mythology.

I actually got these figures about 12-14 months ago - for my birthday from my son, and I have done bits and pieces on them over time.

The miniatures are 18mm Eureka Miniatures figures, and they are fantastic in detail. I will post just the two pics at the moment and then in a later post take a pic of one of the finished elements and put it up.

While these guys are Uruk Hai, I bought a bunch of "vanilla" flavoured orcs, some dwarves, elves and men to put together the Battle of the Five Armies from The Hobbit.

I bought the Uruks to also look at putting together a Rohan v Isengard scenario. That will come in time too :).

Anyway, enjoy the two little teasers.

I will in time get to painting more of these but at this stage, I am determined to finsih the 6mm WW2 British and then the 6mm Marian Romans.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My 6mm experiment

As I have mentioned previously I am starting to dabble in some 6mm stuff - still for DBA and Crossfire. I have attached a couple of photos to show what I am doing.
Here are some Marian Romans. This is the blade general element:

Next up is an image of a German WW2 company company commander for a paratroop company:

I am finiding the painting of these fairly easy and you can get a nice effect - particularly with the DBA elements with the figures massed on a base. Unfortunately time is still short and so while I can get some progress it is still slow.

Still onward I presss.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


OK 2010 is half over and I am yet to post the blog...not a great start to the year!

The big news for me in my wargaming is that I am trying a few new things. First up, I am trying out a new era - WW2. I am have acquired a copy of the Crossfire rules which is a great game. I love the way it represents the momentum of the modern battle. No fixed turns, no measuring. All very interesting. I am currently putting together a WW2 German paratroop company,a dn close to follow will be some British motorised infantry.

The second big change for me is a move to 6mm. The WW2 armies I am doing are in 6mm, and I have a Marian Roman DBA army in progress in 6mm too. I am loving 6mm because of the ease of paitning and the portability of the terrain for the WW2 stuff.

Is DBA dead for me? No not by a long shot, just stretching my legs a little.