Friday, July 23, 2010

My 6mm experiment

As I have mentioned previously I am starting to dabble in some 6mm stuff - still for DBA and Crossfire. I have attached a couple of photos to show what I am doing.
Here are some Marian Romans. This is the blade general element:

Next up is an image of a German WW2 company company commander for a paratroop company:

I am finiding the painting of these fairly easy and you can get a nice effect - particularly with the DBA elements with the figures massed on a base. Unfortunately time is still short and so while I can get some progress it is still slow.

Still onward I presss.


  1. DBA in 6mm on larger baes looks spectacular.. one of our group has used 60mm bases like this. If I didn't have so many armies already in 20mm, i think I'd have gone for this option in 6mm.

    Looking good

    Kind regards

  2. I chose 6mm for DBA for that reason, although I am putting them on 40mm bases so as to remain compatable with the terrain/measurers I have for 15mm DBA.

    For WW2 though, you don't get that massing of troops, at least in the game I am playing, but the 6mm became so much more convenient for storing all the buildings and tanks etc...once I collect enough that is :)

  3. Nice work!

    I had some 6mm Dwarves based up for 15mm HotT so basically DBx. The looked good and fought well but I am re-basing to 60mm frontage for the Baccus fantasy rules in development.

    I mostly play DBMM though there is more DBA played locally. I am seriously contemplating moving to 6mm ancients figs based for 25mm with some based to 15mm for compatibility with other players 15s. The mass effect is unbeatable.

  4. I love 6mm for the massed effect, though I have a major investment in 15mm, so I am basing my ancients 6mm on 60mm wide bases.