Thursday, May 5, 2016

Back in the saddle

OK DBA...I am back.

I haven't touched DBA for a number of years now once the DBA 3.0 v 2.2 battles began.  I was a bit over it all and so I went away and spent some time on other games.  Dreadball has been high on the list amongst them and I started a blog on that here.

But recently I got thinking about my first wargaming love and have decided to come back and test out DBA 3.0  The book is ordered and now I start planning for some new armies.

I am wanting to spend more time on 6mm stuff now and so I am looking at putting armies together for that scale.  I am thinking of 3 projects - dark age Britain, One Hundred Years War, and Crusades.  I am also keen to do some 6mm HoTT armies with a Tolkien theme.  I have thought about this project for a long time and thought maybe this is the time to start.  HoTT or DBA?  Not sure.  I will have a think.  But in the meantime, I can do some mini research and planning. 

Also thinking of making myself some game mats.  That sounds like enough to get me going.

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