Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am a slacker...

Well I have been busy with DBA but you wouldn't know it, by viewing this blog. Well here is a bit about what I have been up to.

First up, on the painting front. I have painted my second army - Middle Anglo Saxons. After painting Vikings, Saxons was the obvious place to visit next. I will post them up soon - once I photograph them. At the moment I am in the process of painting some Picts - they will prove a fine addition to my other Dark Age British armies. Also I purchased a Dark Age Welsh army off Ebay. A nice paint job on them too!

Once I have the Picts done, that will make it 4 Dark Ages armies, and my thoughts turn to which next. Happy to hear any suggestions.


  1. Looking forward to pics of the Saxons and the Picts! I have some picts on the painting table myself at the moment...

    When you're wondering what to do next are you looking for another army from the same period or a whole new period to delve into?

    For other armies in the same period you could do some Scots-Irish...? or Franks? Romano-British?

    As for suggesting another period... gosh, I don't know... So many interesting periods to do...

  2. Yeah...I am thinking about what comes next. I am turnng 40 in a week or so, so I am very hopeful of getting some lead as a gift. Also a massive Lord of the Rings fan, and so would at some stage like to paint some Middle Earth figs.

    On the historical side....I wouldn't mind doing Sub Roman Brits and Scots.

    Other eras...I need some enemies for my Feudal English...perhaps Scots commons.