Sunday, March 1, 2009

My first painted army - III/40a

A while back (years we are talking) I bought myself a copy of the DBA rules (v1.1 I think). I had been told about this game and thoguht it would be good to get into. And so once I had the rules I thoughtit best to get myself some figures...and so I made the choice of Vikings. I knew little of them, but they seemed interesting and they had a lot of blades and for all I knew, blades seemed to have the best "pluses". It was dumb and naive, but it is what made me part with my cash.

And those figures sat in a box for years as I almost forgot about them. Late 2008 rolled around and I finally got to painting up my first DBA army...and here are the results...

Here are all the scandanavian lads:

Here is the general's element:

The camp and guard with bow:

Most of the figures are Tin Soldier I believe. I had to add a few extras and they are Museum.

Here are one of the swords blade elements:

And after all those blades, you can always use an element of psoloi

I had enough figures to put the options together for the extra units for the 40 b option so here are the bows and warband (my personal favourite).

So there you have it. My first effort in painting a DBA army.
My next job is to touch up a Feudal English army I bought on EBay.


  1. Very nice too I must say. Look forward to your Feudal English.

  2. Wow! Those look great! I wish my first army had looked so good!

  3. Nicely done and welcome to DBA. Its a great, addictive game and the army collection starts to add up quickly! Well done on your first effort!